Meet the Area Team

Are you an accredited CO/WY leader looking for new opportunities? We have several open positions at the team level that URGENTLY need to be filled. Please contact any team member for additional information. Most of these positions take just a few hours per month or less.

Individual La Leche League groups are supported by the Area Team members who provide administrative and organizational functions. You are welcome to contact the Area Team with questions that pertain to La Leche League functions in Colorado and Wyoming. (Please do not send breastfeeding questions.) The current Area Team members are:

Team PositionResponsibilities LeaderContact
Area Coordinator of Leaders (ACL)Lead coordinator & communicator for the CO/WY Team Leaders and Area Leaders.

Welcomes new Leaders and connecting leader applicants.

Contact person for Area Leaders (connecting them to who can answer their questions
if needed).

Social media content creator for LLL CO/WY Leaders group and LLL CO/WY Facebook
Area Professional Liaison (APL)Contact person for medical or legal situations that are above a Leader’s comfort level
(but does not give medical or legal advice).

Provides updates to Leaders on the latest pertinent publications and studies.
Area Financial Coordinator (AFC)Prepares yearly Area budget for Area Team and Area Leaders’ approval.

Oversees Area finances, including but not limited to: Team expense reimbursement,
payment of expenses, state sales tax (when applicable), Area Network/LLLI
assessments and fees, preparation of federal and state tax forms, collection of yearly
Leader and Group dues, and preparing USW and Area financial reports.

Supports Area Departments, Area Event Coordinators and Group Treasurers as needed.

Writes Area articles on finance reminding and encouraging Leaders to be fiscally
responsible and accountable.
Area Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (ACLA)Responsible for accreditation of new Area Leaders.

Begins the application process when contacted and guides the applicant and sponsoring
Leader through accreditation.

Translating: offers support for Spanish speaking mothers.
Vacant (Inbox is NOT monitored!)

Interim CLA: Sandy Moore-Furneaux
Area Web Coordinator (AWC)Keeps LLL CO/WY website up to date with current group, meeting, and Leader contact
information. This requires that Leaders communicate changes regarding any of this

Ensures LLL CO/WY website and domain renewals remain current. Works with AFC to
pay these obligations.

Interim: Heather Bahr
Area Statistics Coordinator (ASC)Biannually sends a request to CO/WY Leaders to collect area statistics.

Compiles & maintains stats for CO/WY area.

Communicates statistics with LLL US West Area Network.

Offers Area Team support.